Christmas Clothing For Your PetChristmas is not just for us humans. If you have a pet dog then you do not want to leave him or her out of all of the fun and festivities. One way to include this important member of your family is to buy some Christmas inspired clothing. There are some fun outfits to choose from and your pet will definitely look the part.

Buy a Christmas Elf Dog Costume

There are so many styles of elf costumes to choose from, that it could take you some time to decide on the perfect outfit for your pet. The easiest costume that you could choose is a simple green coloured elf hat. This is easy to attach to your dog’s head and should stay securely in place. However, if you want to ensure that your dog is suited and booted in the finest attire then the complete outfit is a must. You can buy an elf costume that includes a hat, a bodysuit and ankle cuffs. When you have finished dressing your dog he or she will certainly look the part of Santa’s little helper.

Buy Reindeer Antlers

Instead of getting an elf or a Santa’s hat, you could choose a pair of Reindeer antlers. There are different styles to choose from. You can opt for antlers only which are available in green, gold, brown and red. Or you can buy a Reindeer suit which can include a cape, a dog collar and even little booties. The most important thing to ensure when choosing antlers is to find out how they attach to your dog’s head. You need to know if they are expandable or not so that you order the correct size for your pet.

Buy a Christmas Dog Collar

If you want to buy a Christmas style accessory that is decorative and functional, then you can choose one of the many dog collars that have been designed for the holiday season. For the conservative shopper you can buy an understated collar in colours that represent the season. So you could get a velvet red or green collar for your pet.

If you want something a little more extravagant you could opt for a dog collar that has images of Santa Claus, snowmen or Christmas trees printed on the strap. You can even get collars that have little bells attached so your dog will jingle as he or she moves.

Buy a Christmas Dog Sweater

This is the perfect outfit for any fashion conscious dog that is always on the go. The majority of these outfits have been made to fit the smaller pooch but you can also find a few that have been made for the larger dog.

You can find a range of Christmas inspired sweaters that have been knitted with different types of motifs and designs. The most popular designs are things like a green Christmas tree, a large snowflake or a snowman.

There are so many ways to make sure that your pet is included in the holiday festivities and getting some Christmas inspired clothing is a great start.

Merry Christmas
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